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Another Peugeot 107 Petrol Misfuel in Bridgend

Today we were called out to another petrol misfuel in Bridgend for this Peugeot 107. The owner had thought that he had picked up the premium petrol when he picked up the diesel nozzle but instead he filled his petrol Peugeot 107 with diesel instead of unleaded petrol!

When the call came into our dispatch centre, we already knew that the vehicle was either a Peugeot 107, Toyota Aygo or a Citroen C1 when the driver started to explain he had filled his little car with diesel instead of petrol. The reason we had a good idea what car it was is because we see more of these little 3 cylinder vehicles filled with diesel instead of petrol than any other petrol vehicle!

If you accidentally fill your petrol car with diesel, don’t start it! This is the worst thing you can do, as when you get diesel into a petrol system it is very hard to get the vehicle started again once it conks out. The issue is the fact that the plugs and cylinder bores get “diesel washed” as diesel is not flammable, it just sits and accumulates in the fuel system and compression chambers. In extreme cases, it can even cause the engine to hydraulic and bend valves and con-rods!

Another issue is that the diesel oil passes into the exhaust system and forms a build up of diesel fuel in the catalytic converter and this super-heats once the engine is running, this can cause fire issues as the catalytic converter can reach extreme temperatures, even hot enough to ignite diesel!

Should you be unlucky enough to have filled your petrol vehicle with diesel, don’t panic, just switch off the ignition and call the professionals at Help Wrong Fuel. We will aim to be with you within 40-45 Minutes anywhere in South Wales! Once on scene, we can normally drain the wrong fuel from the vehicle and have the lines flushed and the car running again within a further 20 – 30 minutes!

Call Help Wrong Fuel on 0333 666 8685 (Mobile Friendly) 24 Hours a day 7 Days a Week.

Petrol Misfuel in Bridgend



Current Waiting Time

40 Minutes

Anywhere in South Wales!