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Another Peugeot 107 Petrol Misfuel in Bridgend

Petrol misfuel is when you fill your petrol vehicle with diesel and mixed the fuel in the tank. It’s important to get the mixed fuel out of the fuel tank and the fuel system otherwise you can cause massive damage to the working parts. When you put diesel into a petrol engine, you must remember that diesel is actually not combustable until it compressed so therefore, filling the petrol tank in your vehicle with diesel is the very similar to putting oil in the fuel tank!

As diesel is not really flammable until its highly compressed (16:1 or 234 psi) it is not burnt correctly and can seep into the sump of your vehicle, which will raise the oil level and also thin the oil that lubricates the engine. This would cause the main engine moving parts to become damaged due to friction and heat transfer. Also, as the diesel passes through the exhaust system, it damages the catalytic converter. Damage can also be caused to the sensors within the catalytic converter and exhaust manifold.

We are often asked which is worse, petrol misfuel or diesel misfuel? The answer is simply, they are both as bad as each other but with different damage caused on each. Petrol misfuel tend to be harder to get started on the side of the road as quite often the spark plugs may need cleaning, and depending on the distance the car has been driven (if any) there is the posiblitiy to that the engine cylinders have been diesel washed. When a petrol vehicle has been diesel washed, it is important to remove the spark plugs and turn the vehicle over to remove excess diesel in the cylinders otherwise you could cause hydraulic issues and bend valves, con rods etc. (in extreme cases).

We perform petrol misfuel services all over South Wales and have specialist equipment for the removal of diesel in petrol tanks. We are able to fix you by the roadside and can normally get to you within 40-60 minutes of your call anywhere in South Wales. Help Wrong Fuel are known locally to be the preferred petrol misfuel specialists and we are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you are unlucky enough to suffer a petrol misfuel issue then call us on 0333 666 8685 for free advice and guidance.


Petrol Misfuel in Bridgend