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Cardiff Wrong Fuel in VW Touran Fuel Draincardiff wrong fuel

We were called today to attend a Cardiff Wrong Fuel incident in a VW Touran. The lady was very upset and worried as she had lent her VW Touran to her sister who had filled the diesel car with unleaded in town. We all know what it’s like when we are trying to do the best for someone who helps us out. The poor sister thought she was doing her beloved sister a good turn by returning the vehicle with fuel after using it to get her family around for the day.

Unfortunately for both of the ladies, what started out as a good deed ended up being a nightmare for the VW owner. Luckily, she had the foresight to call South Wales’s premier fuel drain company Help Wrong Fuel on our dedicated response helpline. After speaking to our controller, help was on the way.

Fast Response Service

We attended the stricken vehicle within 40 minutes and the VW was drained, flushed and filled with fresh pump diesel before starting. As an extra precaution, we also added our TEC4 Diesel System Cleaner, which should see the car run smoother and give better MPG.

If you are in Cardiff and put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, we can help! We have an average response time of just 45 Minutes anywhere in South Wales and have Mobile Fuel Drain Vans all over the region to help you out when you need us most.

Help Wrong Fuel cover Cardiff City Centre, Cardiff Bay and all towns and villages surrounding the Cardiff and Newport area. We have local mobile fuel drain technicians in your area now. If you need a professional service at a low cost then call Help Wrong Fuel on 0333 666 8685.


Current Waiting Time

40 Minutes

Anywhere in South Wales!