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Diesel in Petrol Fuel Drain – Diesel in Petrol Transit Newport

Another call out on Saturday found our Wrong Fuel Technician in Newport at a Ford Transit with diesel in petrol fuel drain. This is a very rare occasion as not only is petrol in diesel more frequently an issue, but there are very few petrol Transit Vans left on the road! Our call centre operative had to check the details several times before dispatching the fuel recovery patrol to the job.

Diesel in Petrol Fuel Drain - Diesel in Petrol Transit Newport

Diesel in Petrol Fuel Drain – Diesel in Petrol Transit Newport

Our ETA to this diesel in petrol fuel drain was 35 minutes as our Fuel Technician had just finished draining the wrong fuel out of an Audi in Cardiff Gate. Once on scene, our fuel drain expert had to remove the diesel from the petrol tank. This takes a little longer than petrol in diesel mix as diesel is very slightly thicker. Our Fuel Drain Technician used 2 pumps to speed up the process. The fuel drain took 25 minutes to perform. Starting a vehicle which has had diesel put into petrol can also be a little more tricky to start, as the ignition system gets “diesel washed” if the vehicle has been driven until it has stopped, just as this Ford Transit had done. All our Technicians are not only fuel drain experts, they are also fully qualified mechanics, so our guy knew he had to remove the spark plugs and give them a clean, spin the engine over to remove the excess diesel in the bores then replace the spark plugs. After this was done, the Transit burst into life, after a few minutes of ticking over and a few revs, the diesel had cleared out the system.

When you contaminate a petrol engine with diesel (if it has been driven for any amount of time) it is important to dip the oil. This is because diesel can pass the piston rings and raise the oil level in the sump. On this occasion, our fuel technician noticed the raised oil level and drained an additional litre of contaminated oil from the sump, and advised the driver to have an oil change immediately to reduce any chance of long term damage.

If you put diesel in a petrol engine vehicle, call Help Wrong Fuel on 0333 666 8685 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are fully approved and insured to drain the wrong fuel at the roadside. 


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