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Filled a Diesel Car With Unleaded in NeathFilled a Diesel Car With Unleaded

We were dispatched to someone who filled a diesel car with unleaded in Neath. The Driver of this Audi A1 had left her mother to fill the car with fuel, only to find out she had put £20 of unleaded in it. The driver took to social media to ask what she should do and had lots of advice. One said to call a drain company and not drive it, but loads of her friends said just top it up and drive it! This was TERRIBLE advice! If she had topped up the vehicle with diesel to the top, she would have 20 litres of petrol and 25 litres of diesel, as her fuel tank is only 45 litres. What would have happened is the vehicle would start to cough, splutter and then eventually break down. Apart from damage to the fuel system, she could also damage her DPF and sensors with the mixed fuel.

Luckily, the lady gave us a call. We were on scene within 30 minutes, which was 1/2 the time the driver was quoted. When on scene, we had her beloved Audi A1 drained and back up and running in no time at all, much to the drivers delight. We were also over £100 cheaper than her other call to a drain company.

If you filled a diesel car with unleaded in Neath or anywhere else in South Wales and Bristol call the most professional mobile fuel drain company in South Wales.. Help Wrong Fuel on 0333 666 8685 and we will have you back on the road with no ongoing issues

Help Wrong Fuel attend fuel drains all over Neath & South Wales 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  We are RAC & Trading Standards Approved for your piece of mind. We hold specific insurance for fuel drains on the side of the road and also registered with the Environment Agency for the safe disposal of your waste fuel.

Call Help Wrong Fuel South Wales on 0333 666 8685


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