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Filled Up A Diesel With Unleaded in Cardiff Bay South Wales Filled Up A Diesel With Unleaded in Cardiff

We were called to a driver today who filled up a diesel with unleaded in Cardiff Bay. The driver had filled her VW Touran up with unleaded petrol instead of diesel and needed someone out to drain her fuel tank as soon as possible, so we dispatched our wrong fuel technician immediately. Cardiff Bay is a 40 min ETA for our company as we are South Wales Based and run. The driver had called other companies before us and found them to advertise locally but not be at all local. We assured her that we were South Wales based and would be with her as soon as we finished a fuel drain we were doing in Swansea. Our dispatch sent the driver a link via our messaging system to let her be able to track our progress. Once on scene, our expert fuel technician had the VW Touran fully drained and purring again in minutes, then we were off to another distressed driver to get them out of trouble!

There are many so-called “National” companies who advertise themselves as having “National Coverage” but in reality, they only cover so much of the country. They then pass the work on to other independent fuel drain companies, most of which may not be fully trained, accredited or even possibly not insured to do a fuel drain at the roadside!

Help Wrong Fuel are FULLY Compliant, FULLY Insured and FULLY Accredited. Our vehicles and technicians have been inspected, tested and certified to be the very best they can be for both quality of service and for safety. This is why Help Wrong Fuel are an ISO9001 Certified and Compliant Company and also a PAS43 complaint and certified recovery operator.

If you have filled up a diesel with unleaded in Cardiff Bay or anywhere in South Wales or Bristol, give the experts a call on 0333 666 8685 and we will have you going in no time at all! 



Current Waiting Time

40 Minutes

Anywhere in South Wales!