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Fuel Drain Abertillery South Wales

This Volvo V50 owner needed a fuel drain Abertillery South Wales. We no Doctors are busy and they work long hours, the driver of this Volvo had been on shift for 14 hours and was about to do her last visit of the day when she  noticed the fuel light flashing on her dashboard. Not wanting to risk being stuck up in the valleys of Abertillery, the Doctor made a beeline for the local Tesco Fuel Station. Once there, she filled up and started to make her way to her last call of the day.

It was not until the tell-tale jerking of the vehicle and “misfire” that the cold hard truth started to sink in. With a heart beating and her blood running cold, she reached into her handbag and pulled out her fuel receipt. Yes, she had done the unthinkable, put the wrong fuel in her car! The Volvo was new to her and she had been driving a petrol car for 20 years but only just changed to diesel in the past few weeks, so this was bound to happen one day!

This is the most common reason for misfuelling we come across. When you are used to driving a petrol vehicle and change to diesel, then it’s easy to make this mistake. It’s not so common to fill a petrol with diesel as the diesel nozzle is slightly bigger and usually clients notice the mistake before its too late.

The Doctor made a quick search online to find her local fuel drain company in South Wales and found Help Wrong Fuel on her phone. Once through to our dispatch team, the Doctors mind was put at rest. A Fuel Technician was dispatched who was currently on a fuel drain in Merthyr Tydfil. Our ETA (estimated time of arrival) was just 25 minutes, and the Volvo had the wrong fuel removed within another 20 minutes. The Doctor was so pleased at both the speed and the low cost compared to other national recovery companies she had called that she gave Help Wrong Fuel a glowing review on Trustpilot.

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