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Fuel Drain Aberystwyth
Fuel Drain Aberystwyth

You can’t help but envy the life of a student: partying, sleeping, pretending to study. It’s your first time away from home and things can be pretty fun. But being away from home, can also be a sharp learning curve too. Finding out how to pay bills, how to use a washing machine, which fuel to put in your car. One student learnt this the hard way when we were called out yesterday for a fuel drain Aberystwyth.

The young man in question had been given his grandmother’s old car as a gift, and was pretty excited to be able to drive to and from uni and also take trips with his friends when he wanted. What he hadn’t figured was that the car took petrol and not diesel. So his first time fill-up was a bit of a disaster. Or it could have been.

Luckily, he gave us a call at Help Wrong Fuel on 0333 666 8685. We are South Wales’ leading wrong fuel removal specialists. We were with him in just 40 minutes and got him back on the road in just half an hour with no damage done. No doubt he went straight back home to his studying!

24 Hour Call Out

We offer a 24 Hour call out service for fuel drainage all across the South Wales area. Our 24 Hour call out service is unrivalled. The client care team answering our phones are fully trained and experienced fuel drain technicians and will offer you free and unbiased advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. All fuel drain technicians will be locally dispatched and will be with you usually within the hour.

Luckily for students (and non-students!) our fuel drain service is covered by our price promise. We guarantee to beat ANY other local fuel drain company on both price and customer care.

So if you accidentally fill your petrol car with diesel or your diesel car with petrol in Aberystwyth or anywhere in the South Wales area, give us a call on 0333 666 8685 and we guarantee that you will be getting the best and the cheapest service around.


Current Waiting Time

40 Minutes

Anywhere in South Wales!