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Fuel Drain Ammanford South Wales

Not everyone has a 9 to 5 job. Some people have very different schedules. And for these people, having the unexpected happen, such as having your car break down or putting the wrong fuel in your car late at night means that you need a company who can get to you quickly no matter what time it is. Which is what happened to one guy who had to call us for a fuel drain Ammanford when he had filled his Citroen Dispatch with unleaded petrol instead of diesel.

Working different hours and driving late can make your brain a bit fuzzy. Which would explain why a project manager on his way to Halesowen, near Birmingham, accidentally filled his Citroen Dispatch with petrol instead of diesel in Ammanford, South Wales.

It wasn’t long before his car started sputtering and he realised his mistake. He called us at Help Wrong Fuel on 0333 666 8685 and we saved the day! (Or night!)


As we have patrols all over South Wales we were able to get to him within 20 minutes! He had called us at 22:00 and he and his Citroen dispatch were back on the road to Birmingham by 23:00. Seeing as he had to be at Halesowen by 01:00 he was a very happy customer indeed!

Call our dedicated dispatch centre if you put the wrong fuel into your Citroen Dispatch, or any other vehicle anywhere in South Wales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ,52 weeks a year. We are Help Wrong Fuel on 0333 666 8685 (Mobile Friendly).

Help Wrong Fuel are RAC & Trading Standards Approved. We are also an ISO9001 and PAS43 certified and compliant mobile fuel drain recovery company company. ALL of our staff are fully SPA Misfuel trained and carry the SPA Safety Passport


Fuel Drain Ammanford South Wales


Current Waiting Time

40 Minutes

Anywhere in South Wales!