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Fuel Drain Llandeilo South Wales

You can understand the frustration of filling your car with the wrong fuel. Our lady today filled her Range Rover Evoque with petrol when it should have been filled with diesel! So we had to rush out for a fuel drain Llandeilo South Wales. We were on scene within half an hour as Help Wrong Fuel has multiple fuel drain vans across South Wales. It seems the reason this lady filled her vehicle with the wrong fuel is due to the screaming kids in the back.

We have all been there (well, those with children anyway). You’re trying to remember where the next ballet class is, what time you need to get back to ensure the dinner is cooked and the children in the back of the car are being absolutely mental, shouting at each other as they cannot be sitting in close proximity to each other for any more than 10 minutes if they are in a confined space! You go to pick up the fuel nozzle, notice that Billy is trying to strangle his bigger sister with a McDonald’s toy and need to sort the kids out at the same time as filling the car with fuel. It’s not until you go to put the fuel pump back you realise your mistake and your £40,000 car is now filled with the petrol instead of diesel!

You start to panic and realise (after an hour on the phone to the RAC or the AA) that the cost of a fuel drain nowadays can be upwards of £250 and the waiting time can be up to 90 minutes. Then comes the real blow, they may not be able to drain your vehicle at the fuel station as their van is busy. Luckily, this lady had the foresight to “Google” Wrong Fuel Llandeilo. Help Wrong Fuel are on the first page of Google and we came out within 40 minutes and a further 25-30 minutes this poor lady and her children were off to Ballet once again!

The good news is that Help Wrong Fuel’s  Fuel Drain Llandeilo service was over £100 CHEAPER than the other national recovery services!

Fuel Drain Llandeilo South Wales


Current Waiting Time

40 Minutes

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