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Fuel Drain Maestegfuel drain maesteg

Getting to work and back has been difficult when having to deal with the ‘Beast from the East’. But imagine filling up your car with diesel instead of petrol on a day when you also find yourself knee-high in snow? Today we were called out for a fuel drain Maesteg.

A young man received a phone call to pick up his wife at work when her offices had closed down due to the snow. Gallantly he braved his way through the inclement weather, but realised he needed to get petrol on the way. He hurriedly filled his car up with diesel, didn’t notice that he’d done so and then headed off to get his wife.

It was on the drive back that things didn’t feel quite right and that the car started making strange noises. His wife had a hunch, checked his receipt and spotted what was wrong straight away.

She gave us a call at Help Wrong Fuel on 0333 666 8685, and our fuel drain specialists were able to dispatch a patrol to her straight away and they were with her within 40 minutes! Even in the snow! ‘I think I must have had brain-freeze!’ The guy joked with us when we arrived!

We got the vehicle drained and they were back on the road to get safely home within 40 minutes.

We work in all weathers

We are petrol in diesel and diesel in petrol misfuel experts, and we cover the whole of South Wales from Fishguard to Newport. We can get to you in Swansea, Bridgend, Cardiff, Newport and beyond! We are always only 40 minutes or less from anywhere in South Wales. So if you have accidentally put petrol in your diesel vehicle or vice versa just give us a ring straight away on 0333 666 8685.

It is important to note that with us, you know that are dealing with a reputable company, not to mention one that is fully insured. It’s equally important to know that we are fully accredited. Rest assured we are in fact fully SPA Misfuel Accredited & featured on the Approved Garages system.

Moreover, we are RAC Approved and recommended by Trading Standards. Generally speaking we are known as the best in the business locally for misfuel issues. In short, if you have put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, we are the only company to call.


Current Waiting Time

40 Minutes

Anywhere in South Wales!