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Fuel Drain on a Skoda Yeti Swansea | Petrol in Diesel Skoda Swansea South Wales Fuel Drain on a Skoda Yeti Swansea | Petrol in Diesel Skoda Swansea South Wales

We attended a fuel drain on a Skoda Yeti in Swansea today. This Skoda definitely wasn’t happy as it had broken down from having petrol in diesel. We attended the vehicle after the owners friend had called desperate as she had borrowed her friends car and filled it with the wrong fuel. We assured her that this was “no biggie” and we would get her out of trouble. The patrol had the vehicle up and running again within 30 minutes of attending the vehicle and the owner (and her friend) were relieved to find out the vehicle had no ongoing damage and didn’t need any parts replacing.

We attend vehicles all over South Wales where people have put the wrong fuel in, whether it is petrol in a diesel or diesel in a petrol tank, we can help. The issues of quieter engines and the fact that we live a fast paced life, means this issue is happening more and more every day. If you have accidentally filled your vehicle (or a friends) with the wrong fuel, don’t panic, call Help Wrong Fuel immediately on 0333 666 8685. NEVER try and “top up” with the correct fuel as this is just a waste of money and can cause severe damage to the high pressure fuel pump (on diesel engines). Simply turn off the ignition, call us and wait for the cavalry.

Help Wrong Fuel are AA, RAC and Trading Standards Approved. We are also ISO9001 and PAS43 accredited and also SPA MISFUEL passport trained and licensed, making us the ONLY fully accredited mobile fuel drain company in South Wales! When you have put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, call the experts Help Wrong Fuel and we will get you out your sticky situation in minutes!


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