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Fuel Drain Penllergaer Services M4 – Petrol in Diesel Nissan Vanwrong fuel drain penllergaer services m4

Some people just don’t learn. Today we were called at 17:30 by a gentleman who requested a price for a fuel drain Penllergaer Services on the M4 (Swansea West). We quoted him our normal rate for call out to this station and he told us he had been quoted cheaper by someone else (by £60). Normally, we try and be as competitive as possible and even offer a price promise guarantee. On this occasion though, we informed the gentleman that we would not be able to lower the price as we were very busy and had 2 fuel drains in the queue, but we could offer a 15 minute ETA as we were just down the road in Gorseinon performing another fuel drain for a lady in the local Esso Station. The driver declined our offer and said he would use the other fuel drain company.

Fuel Drain Penllergaer Later That Dayfuel drain penllergaer services

The Help Wrong Fuel hotline rang at 22:00 and we heard a familiar voice, the gentleman who had filled his Nissan NV200 van with the wrong fuel in Penllergaer Services was STILL waiting for his other fuel company. Whist waiting for the other drain company, he had gotten bored and decided to try his hand at a DIY fuel drain. The result was, mixed fuel all over the floor and a vehicle which wont run, a driver covered in mixed fuel and now 4 1/2 hours later still no better off. We dispatched our local Technician who was just 8 minutes away. Upon arrival at the scene, it was evident that the driver had been pouring his mixed fuel down the storm drain behind his vehicle, so we advised him that this was a serious issue and he should not be doing it. We immediately used our pump to suck all the mixed fuel out of the van and also emptied all the containers that were filled around his vehicle. We then put pump-fresh diesel in his vehicle, and got it running smoothly. The whole process took exactly 10 minutes, including cleaning up as much of the spilt mixed fuel as possible.

The Conclusion For Any Fuel Drain Emergency

If you put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, you should always call a competent and professional fuel drain company. Being cheap is not always the best and you will probably regret not having the job done properly in the first place! NEVER try and drain your vehicle yourself. This will very rarely work and you are extremely unlikely to be able to get all the mixed fuel out by siphoning it out (if you can get any out at all). If you manage to get most of the fuel out and then “top up” you will still be running mixed fuel through the fuel system and this can still cause catastrophic engine and fuel system damage!

If you have put petrol in diesel or diesel in petrol then call Help Wrong Fuel on 0333 666 8685 & we will get you out of trouble in no time at all.. Safely and professionally!


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