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Fuel Tank Drain in Aberdare

Help Wrong Fuel were called out today for a Fuel Tank Drain in Aberdare on a Ford S-Max. Just lately, we have drained the fuel tank on quite a few Ford S-Max’s! This poor lady had called her insurance company who quoted her over £100 more than coming direct to us! Luckily, the driver was on the ball and before accepting her insurance companies offer to repair the vehicle, she had a shop around and found the most professional and cost effective company in South Wales to perform her fuel drain on her Ford.

Fuel Tank Drain in Aberdare

Our Fuel Patrol Attending a Fuel Tank Drain in Aberdare

Our Fuel Technician was only 35 minutes away on another job, so he made his way over the lady. When our Fuel Technician arrived, the Ford S-Max had a tank full of unleaded petrol AND a dead flat battery! The client had filled with petrol just a few miles up the road and driven to her mothers house, where the car had cut out. After trying to start the vehicle for over 1/2 an hour but it just would not start and the battery was now flat.

This was not an issue for our fully qualified mechanic. Once on scene, he quickly drained the wrong fuel from the dead S-Max and flushed the fuel lines with clean fuel. He then attached our specialist heavy duty jump leads to the vehicle and started it. The Ford took some time to get going as the driver had pumped the petrol right up to the diesel common rail and into the injectors. After a short while, the vehicle was running like new again and our fuel drain Technician was off to his next job and the stranded driver was on her way home.

If you have put petrol into a diesel engine and driven it until it stops, we can definitely help! All our Technicians are fully qualified mechanics and are all fully SPA Safety Passport Misfuel trained. Help Wrong Fuel are RAC & Trading Standards Approved and Certified.

If you need a fuel tank drain in Aberdare or anywhere in South Wales and Bristol, call the fuel tank drain specialists on 0333 666 8685.  



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