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Fuel Tank Drain Margam Port TalbotFuel Tank Drain Margam

One of our calls today was for a Fuel Tank Drain Margam Port Talbot. We were first called at 8 pm by a distraught young lady driver who had borrowed a family members vehicle and filled it with the wrong fuel. We immediately dispatched our petrol in diesel fuel Technician who was just completing a job in Neath. En route to the job, the driver called again to say that their recovery club were sending someone to recover the vehicle and they would not be there for another hour. As the young lady was on her own on the M4 Motorway, we agreed to just get to the vehicle and get her going again. Within minutes of putting the phone down, the young driver called again to say all OK now and no need for a fuel drain as her insurance company were sending someone, so we stood down and got ready for a coffee.

At 10 pm our phones rang again with the driver again asking us to attend as both her insurance and her recovery club would not be able to get to her for another 2 hours! We re-dispatched our fuel drain specialist and he was on scene within 15 minutes. Once on scene, our professional technician had the vehicle fully drained, flushed and re-filled with clean diesel within another 10 minutes. Our client was flabbergasted that we could have had her on her way and she would have been safely home over 2 1/2 hours earlier if we had just attended the first time!

If you have recovery cover or are a member of any recovery club, we will STILL be FASTER & CHEAPER than calling them if you have put the wrong fuel in your vehicle! If you need a fuel tank drain Margam or anywhere in South Wales give your local fuel drain experts a call on 0333 666 8685 and we will have your fuel tank drained and your vehicle back running in no time at all!



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