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We Are The ONLY SPA Misfuel Accredited Company in South Wales!misfuel rfrs

We are delighted to announce that as a step towards raising the bar in the misfuel and fuel drain industry. Help Wrong Fuel staff attended City Fuel Services in Manchester, the flagship for SPA Misfuel training. City Fuel Services are also one of Help Wrong Fuel’s working partnerships.

The Course

spa misfuel course

Lee Pallister Managing Director of Help Wrong Fuel Receiving His Accreditation

The course is brand new (launched 1st September 2016) and effectively a full intensive course specifically aimed at the Fuel Drain and Misfuel Recovery industry. The Misfuel Course has been put together by SPA (Safety Passport Alliance) and in association with the Roadside Fuel Recovery Standard Working Group (RFRS) who count as members; The RAC, AA City Fuel Services and is chaired by Ray Blake retired Head of Petrolium for the London Fire Brigade to name just a few! As a result of this amazing formation and coalition of companies, the SPA Mis-fuelling course covers all aspects of vehicle mis-fuelling and recovery.

Some of the elements the course covers are:


Help Wrong Fuel’s Accreditation

SPA Misfuel Email

Email confirmation that Help Wrong Fuel are Wale’s First Accredited Company! (Click to View)

First of all, Help Wrong Fuel is already part of a fully RAC Approved Workshop. We are also Trading Standards Approved due to being enrolled on Motorcodes. Help Wrong Fuel is part of Swansea Tyre Clutch & MOT Centre therefore as a result we abide by The RAC Strict code of ethics and the RAC Customer Charter.

Help Wrong Fuel has now gained full SPA Mis-Fuellers Passport.

We are the first company in South Wales to achieve this. Therefore, Help Wrong Fuel are now fully accredited. Also able to safely perform fuel drains on the roadside and on Petrol Forecourts. In Addition, we are the ONLY SPA Misfuel Accredited Company in South Wales.* Because of this, clients can be assured that we are the very best company to deal with when they misfuel their vehicle. Moreover, we are the very best trained and qualified to help them out of their situation.

Other SPA Accredited Companies

There are other SPA trained companies who operate in South Wales. They will tell you they are trained to work on Petrol Forecourts. This is correct and although they maybe trained to work on Petrol Forecourts, they are not trained to DRAIN VEHICLES in a recovery situation. Especially not on Petrol Forecourts!

The SPA Passport other companies carry is the same as an Electrician or Builder would carry and as a result are not fully accredited. This is especially relevant when you consider they will be draining explosive & flammable liquids from clients vehicles. So, due to the dangerous and possibly life threatening mistakes these unqualified companies may make, we advise it’s probably best to employ a company who is fully trained and accredited therefore less likely to make mistakes and put your pride and joy and also your life at risk!

Help Wrong Fuel & BBC Documentary

Yes! You read correctly! After a year of waiting, it seems we may be well on our way to having our fly-on-the-wall documentary. Help Wrong Fuel & Swansea Tyre, Clutch & MOT Centre will be appearing on a screen near you soon! We will update you further with more information on this as we get it!

We would like to thank a few companies and all our staff in advance for their support:

Swansea Tyre, Clutch & MOT Centre

SPA Passport

City Fuel Services

RAC Garage Networks

Should you wish to contact us to perform any kind of recovery (Especially Misfuel or Fuel Drain) Please contact us on the number below:

0333 666 8685 (Mobile Friendly)

0800 999 8685 (Freephone)

*All information and facts correct at time and date of publication


Current Waiting Time

40 Minutes

Anywhere in South Wales!