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Honda CRV Fuel Drain – Newport Fuel Drain on a Honda CRV

On this evening we were called out to ASDA in Newport for a Honda CRV Fuel Drain. The lady called our South Wales based call centre frantic as she was worried that her husband was going to go mad, thinking she had damaged the vehicle. What was even more stressful is that they were to use the Honda CRV to travel to the airport in the morning as they were going away to Italy for a wedding!

Our Wrong Fuel Technician assured the poor lady that there was nothing to worry about and that we would have a patrol with her very soon to sort the issue out. Our Patrol arrived within 60 minutes to assess the situation and found that the vehicle had in fact been filled with Unleaded Petrol instead of Diesel. Luckily, with our specialist drain vehicle, we had the Honda empty of the offending petrol in no time at all.

As the vehicle was going on a long journey the next morning, our Fuel Technician also removed the fuel filter and filled it with our specialist TEC4 Diesel System Cleaner. This cleaner has a dual purpose, in the fact that it both replaces lubrication to the high pressure fuel system as well as neutralising any left over petrol solvents. In addition to this, it also cleans injectors of any varnish and built up oxidants, improving MPG and reducing smoke.

Once the vehicle was empty of the wrong fuel, fuel filter cleaned and the additive administered, our Wrong Fuel Technician then ran the car for 10 minutes to let the additive take effect. Once this was done, our Wrong Fuel Technician asked the ladies husband to take the Honda CRV for a quick spin to check there were no issues. The man was blown away by the difference in the vehicle.

We called the client upon their return to the UK to find out how the Honda CRV performed and the clients were absolutely over the moon. They had been experiencing misfire and hard starting for nearly 6 months. Our TEC4 Additive had cured this issue. So the ladies husband didn’t go mad after all! By misfuelling their car, they had managed to fix an issue that they were having with the vehicle which had been quoted as nearly £700 by another garage for a new fuel pump! They say every cloud has a silver lining!

If you  misfuel your vehicle anywhere in South Wales, call the professional fuel drain and contaminated drain down service Help Wrong Fuel on 0333 666 8685.

Honda CRV Fuel Drain - Newport Fuel Drain on a Honda CRV

Honda CRV Fuel Drain in Newport


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