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Hyundai Fuel Drain – Wrong Fuel in a Hyndai ix35 Barry South Wales

An Electrician called Help Wrong Fuel for a Hyundai Fuel Drain in Barry South Wales when his wife accidentally filled her Hyundai ix35 with unleaded petrol when it really should have been filled with diesel. After taking the vehicle for a drive up the motorway to “clear the issue” he quickly realised his wife’s mistake. Once he got home, he decided to try and drain the fuel himself. After 3 hours of struggling with a pump bought from Halfords, he decided to put a post on Facebook to try and get some advice. One of his friends tagged Help Wrong Fuel, saying we were the company he should use. A quick call to us and 40 minutes later, we were on scene.

Hyundai Fuel Drain

Hyundai Fuel Drain in Barry South Wales

Once on scene, our fuel expert started to drain the wrong fuel from the vehicle. The owner was totally surprised at the equipment that our fuel patrol carries, stating “no wonder my £20 pump couldn’t get it out!” As our technician puts it, if we could do it with a £20 pump we probably wouldn’t invest thousands on our equipment!

The total drain time for this vehicle was 15 minutes. We then flushed the fuel lines and got the vehicle started. The owner was also surprised that he hadn’t caused additional damage by taking it up the motorway. You will normally only cause damage through prolonged exposure to the wrong fuel, so a quick run up the motorway is unlikely to cause damage (normally).

Whilst at the scene, we also drained the bucket of a few litres of mixed fuel that the owner managed to get out in the 4 hours before.

If you need a Hyundai Fuel Drain or any other vehicle drained anywhere in South Wales and Bristol call us immediately on 0333 666 8685. You are very unlikely to be able to get the fuel out of the vehicle and you can cause additional damage to your fuel system.


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