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We Are Now ISO 9001& PAS 43 AccreditedISO 9001 & PAS 43

Help Wrong Fuel & Swansea Tyre, Clutch & MOT Centre are now ISO 9001 & PAS 43 Accredited and compliant.

It has taken nearly a year of hard work, organisation and commitment to raise the standards of our garage and quality management within our organisation. As of today, we finally passed our ISO 9001 & PAS 43 audit with flying colours!  Both these highly revered accreditation are very hard to implement and put our company head and shoulders above any other mobile fuel drain company based in South Wales. The ISO 9001 & PAS 43 Certificates are regarded as proof of the highest standard and quality management a company could achieve.

The ISO 9001 Quality Management

ISO 9001 is the worlds most recognised quality management standard. Dealing with an ISO 9001:2015 accredited business means you can rest assured that the company has been tested and has in place a full quality management system. This means that we are safer, more reliable and better equipped to serve clients needs correctly than any other company in our sector in South Wales.

Our risk management, management process and leadership systems have been rigorously tested and audited to ensure that we conform to the highest possible standards available to companies. We have demonstrated and proven that our client care, safety and after sale management systems not only meet clients expectations, but surpass the standards needed to achieve accreditation. This means our clients are better served, safer and can relax knowing that they are being looked after by a company that has CHOSEN to achieve higher levels of customer care and quality of service than the standard back street companies are willing to provide. This means Help Wrong Fuel are better positioned to deal with major national companies and local authorities, as we can demonstrate extremely high levels of quality service and management.

PAS 43 Safe Working of Vehicle Breakdown & Recovery Operatorsiso9001 pas43

PAS 43 Certification is the industry standard for the recovery and breakdown industry and is a Management System specification for Safe working of vehicle breakdown, recovery and removal operations. This standard is a requirement for most club and insurance work as well as police contracts.

All national recovery clubs such as the RAC, AA & Green Flag need to be PAS 43 Certified. We are now in this league. Help Wrong Fuel & Swansea Tyre, Clutch & MOT Centre are now officially PAS 43 Accredited. We are now fully licensed and accredited as a vehicle breakdown and recovery company. Once again, raising the bar in the Mobile Fuel Drain Industry in South Wales. Help Wrong Fuel is the ONLY Mobile Fuel Drain Company based in South Wales to be PAS 43, ISO 9001 & SPA Misfuel Accredited. So you can be assured you are dealing with the highest accredited and certified company in South Wales.

Our mission is to be the very best fuel drain company in South Wales and so far, we have achieved that. No other mobile fuel drain company in South Wales has invested as much time and money in the latest technology, such as live GPS tracking, the latest computer aided recovery and fuel drain equipment. We are setting the bar high regarding customer care and commitment to quality and our clients safety.



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