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Mercedes Fuel Drain – Wrong Fuel in Mercedes Cardiff

Mercedes Fuel Drain

Mercedes Fuel Drain in Cardiff

Normally we would never drain a vehicle at the fuel pump. This is strictly forbidden, however on this occasion we had to. The owner had left the vehicle unlocked and disappeared! We were called to a Mercedes Fuel Drain in a BP Fuel Station in Cardiff. When we got there, the driver had not only filled the vehicle with the wrong fuel, they had disappeared with the keys! This fuel drain was passed to us by our insurance contract and was fully paid. The fuel station manager was furious that the owner had just walked off and left the vehicle blocking his fuel pump, so the decision was made to drain the vehicle where it was, as we had another 2 fuel drains in the queue!

We had the Mercedes empty of fuel within 10 minutes of arrival, much to the station managers delight. We ensured the BP Station manager had our contact details and left the vehicle empty. A call to the Fuel Station an hour later confirmed the vehicle owner had returned, filled his vehicle with the correct fuel and driven off.

If you fill with the wrong fuel, NEVER leave the vehicle or the fuel station. Our ETA on this particular job was just 30 minutes. There was no need to go for a walk and leave the vehicle blocking the fuel station pump. Draining fuel at fuel pumps is not allowed as this is where there is the most explosive petrol fuel vapour. Today was a particularly windy day and we were confident the risk was low enough to safely carry out the fuel drain. To ensure the safety of all concerned, we made sure our cones were out to stop other station users coming in our work area (it was 2 am so not likely) and also ensured there was an earth between our vehicle and the disabled vehicle.

If you need a Mercedes Fuel Drain, call Help Wrong Fuel on 0333 666 8685 for rapid response 24/7 all over South Wales. 


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