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Misfuel in Crickhowell

We were called out for a misfuel in Crickhowell today for petrol in a diesel skoda fabia. The elderly driver was completely flustered and worried they had damaged their car beyond repair! A quick call to Help Wrong Fuel and they were speaking directly to a qualified mechanic to put their minds at rest. If you fill your vehicle with the wrong fuel, it will not instantly break and you have not (at this point) damaged anything. It is continuous use of the vehicle which will cause issues.

Misfuel in Crickhowell

Our Fuel Van Attending a Misfuel in Crickhowell

If you have filled your vehicle with the incorrect fuel then don’t panic! Call us for FREE ADVICE on what to do next. Generally speaking, if you have put any more than £5.00 worth of petrol in your diesel tank, then it will need to come out. The latest diesel engines work at such low tolerances that the slightest amount of contamination in diesel will make the vehicle break down. If you have continued contamination, especially a solvent like petrol, this is when the damage happens to the high pressure pump and injectors.

We get called for misfuel in Crickhowell and all of Powys quite often, our ETA is roughly 60 minutes 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are also fully accredited and insured for fuel drain recovery services at the side of the road.

Help Wrong Fuel are RAC and Trading Standards Approved. We are registered with The Environment Agency for the safe removal and disposal of your mixed fuels. We have a price promise guarantee on all fuel drain services.

If you fill with the wrong fuel anywhere in South Wales then call the fuel drain experts on 0333 666 8685 and we will get you going in no time at all! 



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40 Minutes

Anywhere in South Wales!