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Misfuelled Mercedes Cardiff Tesco Extra

One of the last fuel drains of the week was a misfuelled Mercedes 200 in Cardiff Tesco Extra. Our Fuel Technician’s response time was just 25 minutes as he was just coming back from Bristol on a job. Once on site, the driver informed us that his insurance company had quoted nearly TWICE our call out cost! He was very happy that he did a bit of ringing round first! As these vehicles have “saddle-bag” fuel tanks, we started draining the drivers side tank whilst we popped open the fuel sender on the passenger side. The whole process took roughly 20 minutes and the Mercedes was purring again.

Misfuelled Mercedes

Misfuelled Mercedes in Cardiff Tescos Extra

If you have misfuelled your vehicle and need a fast response anywhere in South Wales, then call your local expert fuel drain company Help Wrong Fuel. We serve all of Cardiff and South Wales with an average ETA of 40 minutes and a fuel drain average of 15 minutes! We only employ trained mechanics so you will never get a “part time” fuel drain technician calling themselves an expert!

We are FULLY insured, FULLY trained and FULLY accredited to ISO9001 and PAS43 recovery standard for both safety and quality of service. Whats more, we offer a price promise guarantee that we will BEAT any mobile fuel drain company in South Wales for BOTH quality of service and price!

We are misfuelled experts. We serve all supermarket fuel stations across South Wales including Tesco, Morrisons, ASDA, Sainsbury’s and CO-OP. If you find yourself with the wrong fuel at any supermarket fuel station, just let the attendant know, then call us from a safe area on the forecourt (or just off the forecourt) and we will do the rest!

If you are unfortunate enough to have missfuelled Mercedes vehicle or any other vehicle in Cardiff or anywhere in South Wales, call the experts on 0333 888 8685 and we will be with you in minutes!


Current Waiting Time

40 Minutes

Anywhere in South Wales!