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Mitsubishi ASX Fuel Drain Port Talbot

This Mitsubishi ASX Fuel Drain Port Talbot came in early one morning. The client had filled their Mistubishi up at Morrisons Port Talbot and only realised their mistake once they had finished filling the tank. The fuel station staff offered the client another fuel drain companies card but the ASX owner was too smart for this, knowing that the staff were on a “back hander” for passing the card and he checked for a fuel drain company near Port Talbot  using Google and found Help Wrong Fuel.

We were able to dispatch a fuel drain vehicle within 20 minutes and we were on scene, ready to drain the Mistubishi of all the petrol that should not be there. Once on scene, our fuel drain technician started draining the vehicle. The client mentioned that he had a light on the dashboard so whilst the vehicle was being drained, our friendly fuel drain technician plugged in our top of the range computer diagnostics system to find out what the issue was.

Mitsubishi ASX Fuel Drain Port Talbot PLUS Repairs!

The issue with the vehicle was that the DPF was nearly full of soot. Once the Mitsubishi was drained of the wrong fuel and the new fresh diesel was added, our fuel drain technician started the Mitsubishi and let it run for a while. Once the lines were all clear of the petrol, our fuel drain technician put his mechanics hat on and popped the bonnet. To the owners surprise, our fully qualified mechanic noticed instantly what the issue with the vehicle was, there was a vacuum pipe off the inlet manifold which was making the vehicle “run rich” and therefore create more diesel particulate! A simple fix, clear of codes and the Mitsubishi was running like new again!

We advised the client to fill the tank to the top and take the car for a good run for at least 10 miles to get the DPF nice and hot and to try and force a regeneration. Once the client got home, he was so happy he called our customer support centre to thank us. The vehicle had indeed gone into regeneration cycle and the vehicle was driving better than it ever had done before. Once again, a happy client for Help Wrong Fuel in Port Talbot.

If you want TRUE professional service from QUALIFIED staff in South Wales then call us on 0333 666 8685 and we will be happy to help 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  


Mitsubishi ASX Fuel Drain Port Talbot


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