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Help Wrong Fuel Swansea

Our Equipment

Help Wrong Fuel uses the very latest fuel scavenger equipment. We have several types of equipment in our various Patrol Vehicles, we have custom made, multiple ATEX approved pumps which feed into an explosion proof 330ltr fuel cell. We are able to retrieve waste fuel and store it safely. We are also able to serve fresh pump diesel and petrol from our on board fuel cells.

We carry the latest technology in computer diagnostics in order to diagnose and reset any warning lights you may have on your vehicle.

All vehicles are fully GPS tracked and are equipped with CCTV for both safety and security.

All Equipment used by Help Wrong Fuel is:

  • Fully compliant with ATEX, DSEAR & HSE¬†regulations
  • Type appoved and CE marked
  • UN approved and certified for the transport of dangerous goods
  • Approved and certified by the Department for Transport, Civil Aviation Authority and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency for the transport of dangerous goods

We have all our vehicles independently inspected by an ADR Inspector for the carriage of dangerous goods.



Current Waiting Time

40 Minutes

Anywhere in South Wales!