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Petrol Diesel Swansea Area What to Do if You Misfuel Your Car in Swansea

petrol diesel swanseaPetrol Diesel Swansea fuel drains are a common issue with local drivers. Whether they are pre-occupied or don’t realise the vehicle they are in because it is unfamiliar to them. We find that more people put petrol in diesel than diesel in petrol, this is because the filler neck on a petrol vehicle is slightly narrower and the diesel pump will not fit unless it is forced. However, we do find that diesel in petrol does happen sometimes! Diesel engines are much smoother and quieter as well as being better engineered. Generally speaking, a driver may not even know they are driving a diesel, after all they are in fact quieter than most petrol engines.

What to do if You Put Petrol in Diesel

If you are unlucky enough to put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, you should follow these simple steps….

Firstly, DONT PANIC! At this point you have not caused any damage and we can fix your issue very simply.

  1. If you have started the vehicle, switch off immediately
  2. Turn off ignition completely as this can “prime” the engine with contaminated fuel
  3. Inform the fuel station staff of the petrol in diesel mistake
  4. Find somewhere safe to call us on 0333 999 8685
  5. Wait with your vehicle until we arrive, which should be about 40 minutes

NEVER try and “Top up” with diesel as this will just be a waste of money! We will need to drain ALL the fuel out of the vehicle and you will loose this topped up fuel too!

Call Help Wrong Fuel if you put petrol in diesel Swansea on 0333 666 8685

So, you have just put petrol in a diesel car in Swansea and you are now panicking. Unleaded in diesel does not mix and you will not be able to just syphon it out or even drive the vehicle. You will need a Swansea Fuel Rescue company like ours. We are here to help and make your day a little easier!

Petrol in diesel misfueling is common practice and we are experts at removing the contaminated fuel and disposing of it legally. If you have already started your vehicle and even possibly driven it some distance. We can still help, so don’t worry if this is what you have done. The process is a little longer to remove petrol from a diesel car which has been driven and we may advise you need a fuel additive to neutralise the solvent based fuel you have just added. We also have a fully approved workshop for all petrol diesel Swansea issues which is based on Fabian Way in Swansea.

Petrol Diesel Swansea Area Symptoms

Incase you are not sure if you have put petrol in your diesel car, there are a few symptoms which are tell tale signs

  1. When your vehicle feels “under powered” after fuelling
  2. If you are having a knocking or “pinking” sound when you accelerate after fuelling
  3. You may have smoke (usually white or grey) and misfiring after fuelling
  4. If the vehicle just won’t start or is misfiring adversely after fuelling

Furthermore; you should be able to tell if you have put petrol in diesel by smelling the fuel cap. Diesel has an oily smell and petrol will be more solvent and burn your nostrils. BE CAREFUL WHEN SMELLING YOUR FUEL CAP AS PETROL FUMES AND VAPOUR ARE DANGEROUS.

We cover all the areas listed below and much more! If you have put petrol in a diesel car or visa versa, call us immediately and we can help! In the long run, you will be very happy you called us, in fact we have a 100% customer satisfaction feedback on Approved Garages.

  • Swansea Airport
  • Swansea Central
  • Maritime Quarter
  • Brynmill
  • Sketty
  • Townhill
  • Llandarcy
  • Port Tennant
  • Baglan
  • Morriston
  • Maesteg
  • The Mumbles
  • Llanelli
  • Pontarddulais
  • Burry Port
  • Neath
  • Pontypridd
  • Ponardawe

We service all of Swansea petrol in diesel incidents, including all villages and including the City Centre. Our 24 Hour petrol in diesel Swansea service cannot be beaten on price or service. Call us today on 0333 666 8685 . We offer Swansea Fuel Rescue, unleaded in a diesel car Swansea to all drivers in Swansea.


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