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Petrol in Diesel Fuel Tank Drain in Applegreen Fuel Station SwanseaPetrol in Diesel Fuel Tank Drain

Our first call today was for petrol in diesel fuel tank drain in Applegreen Fuel Station Swansea. We get called to Applegreen in Swansea quite often as people are usually in a rush to somewhere whilst filling here as this is one of the last fuel stations on the exit road from Swansea City Centre. The fuel station is also almost exactly opposite our fully RAC Approved Workshop, so we are often called by the fuel station and the clients to come and save them.

On this occasion, we were not called. Our wrong fuel Technician was just popping in the fuel station for a nice cup of Costa Coffee, when he noticed a vehicle with its bonnet up and someone trying to get a pump to remove the fuel from the fuel filter. Immediately recognising the danger that a spark can cause from a crudely connected 12v pump on a petrol forecourt he rushed to the stricken drivers aid. After informing the driver of the dangers or fuel vapour on a forecourt, he offered to drain the vehicle as he noticed there were several young children on board who were also getting very distressed.

Much to the drivers delight, our good hearted Technician drained the vehicle. Our Technician understands the dangers of do-it-yourself fuel drains, especially on fuel station forecourts, due to being an SPA Misfuel Passport License Holder. The VW Bus was drained within 15 minutes whilst our Technician drank the coffee that the driver bought him to say thank you. One filled with fresh diesel, the driver was then able to make a VERY important meeting for his family in London.

If you put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, you should NEVER try and drain the vehicle yourself. Usually, you will cause more damage than a professional fuel drain will cost in the first place! Also, amateur fuel drains on fuel station forecourts are STRICTLY forbidden as you can cause dangerous fuel spillages as well as dealing with dangerous fuel vapours, which can be explosive if not handled correctly! Our fully trained fuel technicians have knowledge in handling explosive fuel vapour and know how to limit risks when handling dangerous liquids and gasses on petrol forecourts,

If you need a petrol in diesel fuel tank drain, then call Help Wrong Fuel on 0333 666 8685 Even though we need to charge you, we have a price promise guarantee to BEAT any other mobile fuel drain company in South Wales.



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