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Have You Put Petrol in Diesel?

Petrol in diesel is the most common mistake a motorist makes when misfuelling their vehicle.

petrol in diesel

Today in this fast paced society, everyone is multi-tasking and sometimes, we actually mess up. In the last few years, we have seen thousands of drivers put wrong fuel in their vehicles. However, very few realise that this can be a very expensive mistake. A number of times, one puts petrol in a diesel car, without worrying about the consequences. Help Wrong Fuel will give you a rapid response; our main aim is serving you within the hour. It is our promise that as soon as you call us, we will be at your service and help you with the hassles you face after putting petrol in diesel car.

Petrol in diesel is very common and statistics show that one person misfuels their vehicle every 3 and a half minutes in the UK!

Putting petrol in diesel is the most common misfueling problem. This is because the standard unleaded petrol pump will fit into the filler neck of all diesel vehicles. With the way most modern diesel vehicles are engineered, this mistake can be costly! Diesel fuel pumps operate on very fine tolerances and at very high pressures (as diesel is not flammable unless it is compressed).

The pressure in the pump in modern systems run between 350 and 1600 bar! Petrol in diesel engines can cause damage as the diesel not only powers the vehicle, it also acts as a lubricant for the moving parts of the high pressure diesel fuel pump.

In direct comparison, petrol is in fact a solvent. Which will wash any moving parts in the pump clear of  lubrication. This causes a metal-on-metal effect, causing friction and damage to the pump. This is why you should not start your vehicle if you have put petrol in diesel. Don’t even turn on the ignition as many modern vehicles have a priming pump which will actuate when the ignition is on, pumping fuel around your fuel system.

Damage caused by putting petrol in diesel

  • Fuel pump damage from friction
  • Metal particles from the pump can be deposited around the fuel system causing further damage
  • Common Rail or HDi diesel engines suffer the most if contaminated fuel from the pump which may have metal particles in gets as far as the common rail system. You may need to replace the low AND the high pressure pumps, injectors, fuel rail and even the fuel lines. Plus all filters! In extreme cases, you may even need to remove the tank and have that cleaned too!

petrol in diesel being drained

Believe it or not petrol in diesel is a problem that can be easily fixed as long as you don’t start the vehicle. As the further the fuel gets around the fuel system, the worse the outcome! So the rule is simply… DO NOT START THE VEHICLE and DO NOT TURN ON THE IGNITION!

As per manufacturers’ recommendations, we advise that any diesel fuel contaminated with petrol, should be immediately drained from the vehicle, replaced with clean fuel before the ignition is switched on.

If you have put petrol in diesel then call us on 0333 666 8685 (Mobile Friendly) and we will have you going again in around 40 minutes (average).

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