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Petrol into Diesel VW Touran Llanishen Morrisons Petrol into Diesel

One of today’s calls was to a driver who had put petrol into diesel VW Touran in Llanishen Morrisons Cardiff. We were called by our insurance contract for an emergency fuel drain in Llanishen Morrisons in Cardiff. This is the third time we have been here this week! Must be something in the water!

This time the gentleman had borrowed his wife’s car and popped to Morrisons and thought he was doing a good deed by filling her VW Touran  for her. Unfortunately for him he filled with unleaded instead of diesel. Our ETA for this job was 40 minutes as our Technician was nearly finishing a job in Bridgend. Once on scene, our Technician moved the vehicle off the pumps to a safe place then started the fuel drain process. Once complete (in 10 mins) the vehicle was moved back to the pump, filled with clean diesel and started straight away.

Our fuel patrols cover the whole of Cardiff, Newport & South East Wales. Our average ETA is 40 Mins anywhere in South Wales and 1 hour for Bristol. We have several patrols and can offer full 24 hour assistance. If you have put petrol into diesel VW Touran or any vehicle anywhere in South Wales, call the professionals on 0333 666 8685. 

Help Wrong Fuel are fully insured for fuel draining by the roadside and on fuel station forecourts. We are also registered with the Environment Agency for the safe disposal of mixed fuels. Being RAC & Trading Standards Approved means you are dealing with the most professional and recommended Mobile Fuel Drain Companies in South Wales!

If you misfuel anywhere in South Wales, we are here to help! We drain the wrong fuel from vehicles all over South Wales and are local Cardiff fuel drain specialists.




Current Waiting Time

40 Minutes

Anywhere in South Wales!