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Renault Captur Fuel Drain – Put Wrong Fuel in a Renault Captur Swansea?

Need a Renault Captur fuel drain? This is one we did today! We were just filling one of our other patrol vehicles up in the Shell Station on Fabian way, when we were approached by a poor driver who had put the wrong fuel in his Renault Captur. As the gentleman walked towards us with a big smile, he started saying how quick we were and how happy he was to see us! A bit bewildered, our wrong fuel technician was puzzled as he was on his way to another job in Neath. Once the client explained that he had filled his vehicle with petrol instead of diesel, then phoned Renault Assistance who then took £299 from him. After taking the payment, they then phoned back to say it could be at least 3 hours until they could arrive, so when we arrived he thought his luck was in… It was! We advised the driver to phone Renault Assistance, cancel the other company and we would be with him in 15 minutes with another patrol, whats more we will be HALF the price! It didn’t take long for the driver to get on the phone and stop the other company!

We arrived on scene with our other wrong fuel patrol vehicle and had the vehicle fully drained within a further 15 minutes, just long enough for the client to explain that he is originally from Swansea but now lives in the midlands and how he misses home. We drained, flushed and had the Renault Captur going with no on-going issues in less time than it took for Renault Assistance to answer and deal with the original problem!

Better & Faster Than Renault Assistance

If you drive a Renault and put the wrong fuel in it. Don’t call Renault Assistance, just call Help Wrong Fuel and we will be with you within 40 minutes anywhere in South Wales. We will also be up to 50% cheaper and have you fixed in no time at all!

Our reputation is well known in South Wales. Check out the review left by this client (and many more) by visiting this link.

Renault Captur Fuel Drain Waiting for Renault Assistance

Renault Captur Fuel Drain in Swansea


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40 Minutes

Anywhere in South Wales!