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Vauxhall Astra Fuel Tank Drain

This was the second time we attended this Vauxhall Astra Fuel Drain in Blackwood. We visited this Vauxhall Astra a few weeks earlier when the wife of the driver had mistakenly filled the car with petrol instead of diesel. This time it was the husbands turn to misfuel the Astra.

The last time the car was misfuelled the clients called one of the national recovery companies and we attended. This time the client decided to save themselves over £100 by coming direct to us. When we attended the scene, the red faced driver passed us the keys and explained that he was busy talking to friends whilst filling the car and had “just lost concentration”. We hear lot of reasons why people misufel their vehicles and this is probably the most popular. Life is so fast moving and we have so much on our minds that it only takes a second to pick the wrong fuel pump up and start filling.

Luckily we had the Vauxhall Astra Fuel Tank Drain sorted within 20 minutes and this Astra driver became part of our elite club of “Regular Misfuellers”. We hope not to see the client for a misfuel issue again! If you are unlucky enough to misfuel your vehicle by putting petrol in a diesel tank or diesel in a petrol tank, then call us on 0333 666 8685 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We serve the whole of South Wales and can be at any fuel drain issue within 40-60 minutes (depending on traffic).

Help Wrong Fuel are part of Swansea Tyre Clutch & MOT Centre and all our Fuel Technicians are fully trained mechanics and all hold the SPA Safety Passport for misfuelling. We are also board members of the RFRS (Roadside Fuel Recovery Standard). As well as being RAC Approved, we are also AA Approved and hold an AA Certificate of Excellence! Our feedback speaks for itself, see our 5* EXCELLENT rated reviews on Trustpilot! 

Vauxhall Astra Fuel Tank Drain


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