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Wrong Fuel Cardiff Bay | Petrol in Diesel VW Transporter in Cardiff

wrong fuel cardiff bay

Our wrong fuel recovery vehicle draining a VW Transporter in Cardiff

Wrong fuel Cardiff bay? We were called out to a VW Transporter who had put the wrong fuel Cardiff Bay area of Cardiff today. The driver had called his breakdown club, who dispatched the job to our support centre. One of our fuel technicians were just finishing a job in Tescos in Bridgend so he was then sent on the fuel drain as he was 27 minutes away with traffic. Our Technician arrived on scene to find the VW Transporter sitting at the pumps waiting to be drained. The driver had filled the VW Transporter with 60 litres of petrol instead of diesel. Luckily, the driver had the intelligence not to start and drive anywhere with the wrong fuel, otherwise he would have broken down.

Fast Fuel Recovery

fuel recovery

Our double fuel drain scavengers in a VW Transporter in Cardiff

Our wrong fuel Technician started the fuel drain process by inserting two scavenger probes into the fuel tank. Our fuel recovery patrols have numerous fuel pumps, so we are able to suck out the wrong fuel using up to 3 pumps. This makes us up to 3 times faster than other mobile fuel drain companies! Our Atex, DSEAR and UN Approved fuel drain equipment is specially built for fast and safe mixed fuel removal on fuel stations and the side of the road. Help Wrong Fuel are the fastest fuel drain company in the West!

Our Technician had the VW Transporter drained completely within 10 minutes of arrival! That is FAST for 60 litres of fuel! Once drained, we filled his tank with 5 litres of fresh fuel direct from our on board fuel pump, then drove his vehicle back to the fuel station pump to be filled again with the correct fuel this time!

Help Wrong Fuel operate fuel recovery and fuel drain services all over Cardiff and Cardiff Bay. We have an approximate ETA of 40 minutes anywhere in Cardiff & surrounding towns and villages. Our fuel Technicians know Cardiff like the back of their hands, we visit every type of premises from fuel stations, peoples houses to remote farms and lock ups.

Fully Insured

Help Wrong Fuel are fully insured for draining fuel by the side of the road and on fuel forecourts. This is specific fuel drain insurance which is completely different to our motor trade policy for vehicle repairs. In accordance with our PAS43 Recovery & ISO9001 Certification, we need to have fuel drain specific insurance in place for the activity of draining fuel by the roadside and fuel stations.

Fully Approved

Our fully approved workshop

Our Fully Approved Workshop in Swansea

Help Wrong Fuel are part of a larger company called Swansea Tyre, Clutch & MOT Centre. Our company is fully  RAC, AA & Trading Standards approved. We are also ISO9001 & PAS43 Approved and Certified.

If you need to have the wrong fuel removed from your vehicle anywhere in Cardiff or anywhere in South Wales, call Help Wrong Fuel on 0333 666 8685. 


Current Waiting Time

40 Minutes

Anywhere in South Wales!