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What to Look Out For When Choosing Your Wrong Fuel Company

Choosing the right Wrong Fuel Company is important. Wrong Fuel drain companies are pretty much unregulated within the UK. There are several bodies who have set up training to try and stop the cowboy fuel drain companies from operating. However, there are a lot of Wrong Fuel Companies in the UK who operate without any regard to safety and of course your prize possession!

The Equipment

All wrong fuel companies should have specialist equipment which is both ATEX & DSEARatex (Dangerous Substances & Explosive Atmospheres Regulations) compliant. ATEX is the name commonly given to the two European Directives for controlling explosive atmospheres. Basically the equipment needs to meet a minimum standard as set out in Directive 99/92EC (ATEX 137). Also Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 95). If the pumping equipment is ATEX compliant, there should be a sticker on the equipment as shown.

The Wrong Fuel Drain Company should have all the following:

  1. A Van Which Has FULL Livery on It
  2. A Van With Orange Beacons on The Roof
  3. Technicians Who Wear Full Uniform Displaying Their Company Logo

wrong fuel company equipmentAll our vehicles are equipped with Autodrain wrong fuel scavenger equipment which is both ATEX & DSEAR compliant. We routinely inspect & repair our equipment to ensure the utmost safety and efficiency whilst performing your fuel drain. Which means that you can rest assured we are using the correct equipment for the job.

The Vehicle

As a wrong fuel company carries out dangerous services and transports explosive mixed fuels. Therefore the fully sign written van is to be a specialised vehicle. The van displays the warning stickers for Flammable Liquid and Explosive Atmosphere. Don’t trust a wrong fuel company who turn up in an un-sign-written vehicle!

The Qualifications

A Wrong Fuel Company’s staff need to be qualified to do the job you are asking of them. They should be at least SPA Passport holders. If they have attended an SPA Course on fuel then they will have some knowledge of the Health & Safety issues regarding working at fuel stations, however, this DOES NOT mean they have the correct accreditation to perform emergency fuel drains! This is a separate course and is called the SPA Misfuel Course. SPA (Safety Passport Alliance) and Roadside Fuel Recovery Standard put this course together. Help Wrong Fuel is the FIRST COMPANY IN SOUTH WALES and furthermore, as this post is written we are the ONLY WRONG FUEL COMPANY to be fully accredited Vehicle Misfuel SPA Passport Holders in South Wales!

Help Wrong Fuel is also now PAS43 and ISO9001 Accredited and Compliant. You will NOT find a more professional fuel drain company anywhere in South Wales!

Help Wrong Fuel is your local Fuel Drain Company. We are Fully insured and furthermore we are RAC & Trading Standards Approved!

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