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Wrong Fuel Drain Bridgend Blaengarw | Petrol in Diesel Peugeot 307 Bridgend Wrong Fuel Drain Bridgend

Help Wrong Fuel had a late night call out for a Wrong Fuel Drain Bridgend on a Peugeot 307. This driver had only owned the Peugeot for a few weeks and filled the vehicle with just £5.00 of unleaded fuel. She called her local garage who advised her to put more diesel in on top of the unleaded fuel and all would be OK. This was absolutely terrible advice! The poor lady filled her vehicle with diesel on top of the petrol and drove it round town for the rest of the day. The mixed fuel managed to get into the fuel system and caused the vehicle to break down late at night in Blaengarw. Help Wrong Fuel were called and we dispatched our wrong fuel technician. We arrived in Bridgend within 35 minutes of the call and had the vehicle fully drained in a further 20 minutes. Unfortunately on this occasion the damage had already been done as we found metal filings in the fuel filter and the vehicle was running very rough as the injectors were full of small metal particles.

Usually, it takes a long while for the unleaded fuel to damage the fuel system, and usually more than just £5 to cause this damage so we were surprised to say the least! It just goes to show you, you should NEVER top up with diesel once you have put petrol in your diesel fuel system! If the lady had called us straight away, we would have just been able to drain her vehicle and she would be back on the road in no time at all.

If you need a Wrong Fuel Drain in Bridgend, or anywhere else in South Wales NEVER TOP UP WITH DIESEL! Call us immediately and we will drain the vehicle before the contaminated fuel reaches the high pressure system and get you going again within minutes! Call 0333 666 8685 for FREE advice 24 Hours a day 7 days a week!

Help Wrong Fuel can get to anywhere in South Wales within 40 minutes and have you drained of petrol in diesel in no time at all!