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Wrong Fuel Drain Cost South Wales | Swansea, Cardiff, Newport

Wrong Fuel Drain Cost South Wales

Wrong Fuel Drain Cost South Wales

When people call us, the first thing we are asked is what does the wrong fuel drain cost? We drain vehicles from £99.00 including VAT (when towed to us for draining). Most companies in the Mobile fuel drain business keep their costs close to their chests as they will increase and decrease prices as and when they think they can get away with it. This INCLUDES the big national companies!

We at Help Wrong Fuel have a price promise guarantee to BEAT ANY Mobile fuel drain company in South Wales & Bristol! This means you get the very best service from an ISO9001 Accredited Company for quality assurance. Together with the very best deal to save you ££££’s!

REMEMBER cheap is not always the answer though! We have been to misfuelled vehicles that have had “cheap fuel drains” and they are in a terrible state! Everything from broken & missing parts, to major engine and fuel system damage. This is from badly trained and inexperienced workmanship. Our price promise is based on like for like services so we will not beat your friend with a hose and a bucket, but we will be able to professionally drain your vehicle, flush the fuel system and ensure the vehicle is running again in minutes of arrival!

As a frame of reference, our fuel drain cost is roughly £80-£90 CHEAPER than your breakdown recovery company, up to £150 cheaper than your insurance company and THOUSANDS of POUNDS cheaper than a main dealer repair centre.

All Help Wrong Fuel Fuel drains come with a no-fix no-charge guarantee! This means if we cannot fix your fuel issue then we will not charge you a penny! We always supply pump-fresh diesel and petrol to get you started. We advise you to FILL your tank with the correct fuel as soon as possible, and arrange to have your fuel filter changed as soon as possible. Help Wrong Fuel can perform this for you at our RAC Approved Swansea-based full workshop called Swansea Tyre, Clutch & MOT Centre.

Fuel Drain Cost Explained

Help Wrong Fuel accept all card payments and ALWAYS give a full VAT invoice which breaks down your cost and repair.

Help Wrong Fuel are FULLY Approved and Fully Certified ISO9001 and PAS43 recovery agent & we are registered with the Environment Agency for the safe disposal of your mixed fuel waste.

Call Help Wrong Fuel for the most cost effective and professional fuel drain service in South Wales on 0333 666 8685.


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40 Minutes

Anywhere in South Wales!