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Wrong Fuel Drain in BarryWrong Fuel Drain in Barry

Whilst draining a police car, we had a call from one of our car rental contracts saying that their customer had filled one of the rental cars with petrol and asked how quickly we could get on the scene and perform a Wrong Fuel Drain in Barry. We were happy to say, we could get there in 5 minutes as we had just finished at Barry Police Station. Once on the scene, the red-faced driver asked us how long the process would take, we had a look at the 16 plate Ford Focus and started the drain. We had the Ford Focus drained in 15 minutes and the vehicle sprung into life. Our fuel drain costs were roughly £100 cheaper than the charge the rental company were going to charge the client so they were over the moon we could attend.

Help Wrong Fuel are fully recommended and approved by the RAC, AA and Trading Standards. We are an ISO9001 Compliant Company for quality of service and also a PAS43 Certified Recovery Operator. Should you need a wrong fuel drain in Barry or anywhere in South Wales, call Help Wrong Fuel mobile emergency fuel drain services in South Wales.

We have several fuel recovery patrols across South Wales and Bristol and we aim to be with you withing 40 minutes of your call anywhere in South Wales- traffic permitting (1 hour for Bristol). Should you put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, call the experts in wrong fuel recovery on 0333 666 8685.

Help Wrong Fuel are registered with the Environment Agency for the safe disposal of mixed fuels and fully insured for draining fuel on the roadside and at fuel stations. Help Wrong Fuel are also fully SPA Licensed and Trained for misfuelling at fuel stations and by the roadside.

Help Wrong Fuel South Wales 0333 666 8685. Call the ONLY fully accredited mobile fuel company in South Wales!


Current Waiting Time

40 Minutes

Anywhere in South Wales!