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Wrong Fuel Drain in Blackwood | Petrol in Diesel Citroen C4 in Newbridge Newport Wrong Fuel Drain in Blackwood

We were called out for a wrong fuel drain in Blackwood today. Someone had put petrol in diesel Citroen C4 in Newbridge Newport. The driver called to say he had been given the advice to just “top up” the fuel with the correct fuel. This is something we hear every day! Back in the 1980’s you could get away with just topping up the tank with the correct fuel and the vehicle may run a little lumpy for a while then clear when the fuel had all gone out. Unfortunately, nowadays modern diesel engines run on such fine tolerances that the smallest contamination can cause catastrophic engine damage! All too often, a know it all gives the incorrect advice to just top up with the correct fuel after a misfuelling incident.

If you put the wrong fuel in your vehicle the first thing you must do is STOP. Then let the fuel station attendant know what you have done and then call Help Wrong Fuel.

Help Wrong Fuel are South Wales’ Premier specialist fuel drain recovery company and we will be with you within 30-40 minutes dependant on traffic. Whilst waiting for us you will be able to track the patrol by using the text message we sent you with the link to our tracking devises in our patrol vehicles. Once we are on scene, we will explain the process and answer any questions, then get on with the safe removal of your contaminated fuel.

Once the contaminated fuel is drained, we will flush your fuel lines with fresh diesel and offer you the opportunity to have a Tec4 fuel treatment added (no obligation). We will then fill the tank with as much fuel as you need and start the vehicle. The whole process takes roughly 20 minutes from start to end and your vehicle will have no ongoing issues and you will not need to be recovered anywhere.

If you need a wrong fuel drain in Blackwood or anywhere else in South Wales call Help Wrong Fuel immediately for FAST response and a no-fix no-charge guarantee!

Help Wrong Fuel are South Wales’s ONLY fully accredited ISO9001 and PAS43 Complaint Mobile Fuel Drain Recovery Company! So call the experts on 0333 666 8685


Current Waiting Time

40 Minutes

Anywhere in South Wales!