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Wrong Fuel Drain in Newport | Petrol in Diesel Nissan PulsarWrong Fuel Drain in Newport

Late Friday night/Saturday morning we were called out for a wrong fuel drain in Newport South Wales as a driver had put petrol in diesel Nissan Pulsar and then driven home. The client wasn’t sure if he had made the mistake as the vehicle was starting OK but seemed a little under powered since he had filled up with fuel. We said that is not a problem and dispatched a fuel technician to have a “sniff test”. This is done by inserting a scavenger pipe into the fuel tank, then drawing out some fuel and smelling it to see if it smells of petrol. Once on scene, our technician went to work. The result was yes, the driver had indeed filled his Nissan Pulsar with £35 of petrol instead of diesel, so we started to drain the vehicle. Once the vehicle was drained of the wrong fuel, we then filled the car with fresh diesel from our on board tanks and started it. A quick test drive proved the drain had done its job and the vehicle was 100% again.

If you are not sure if you have put the wrong fuel in your car, you can still call us and we will perform a sniff test for you. If you have not put the wrong fuel in your car but you have issues with your vehicle, we can perform a full diagnostics check for you on the scene and if we can fix it we will there and then. Unlike most other mobile fuel drain companies, Help Wrong Fuel Technicians are actually full time mechanics who work in a full RAC, AA & Trading Standards Approved Workshop! Our Fuel Patrols carry the very latest diagnostic computers so we are able to at least diagnose your fault and in most cases fix the fault on the side of the road!

Help Wrong Fuel are so much more than a fuel drain company, although this is our speciality! If you need a wrong fuel drain in Newport, or anywhere in South Wales and Bristol you can call us 24 hours a day 7 days a week on 0333 666 8685  and we will be with you FAST!

Help Wrong Fuel is a PAS43 Registered Recovery Operator and is also ISO9001 Complaint and Certified so you are in the very best hands possible for your fuel drain and recovery needs! If you put petrol in diesel Nissan Pulsar or any other vehicle, no matter how big or small we can help!

Call Help Wrong Fuel, South Wales’ Premier Fuel Drain Recovery Service now on 0333 666 8685.


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