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Wrong Fuel in a Jeep Cherokee in Aberdare – Petrol in Diesel Jeep CherokeeWrong Fuel in a Jeep Cherokee

We had an early start this morning! Someone had put the wrong fuel in a Jeep Cherokee in Aberdare. We got the call late last night to a very particular gentleman who wanted to be assured his vehicle was in good hands. We agreed to attend the vehicle in the morning as it was late at night and he didn’t want his neighbours disturbed. We attended the scene at 7:30 am in Aberdare as requested. When our fuel patrol was En Route, the GPS System sent the client an update to let him know his fuel recovery technician was on his way and gave him the ability to track the vehicle as it sped up the winding South Wales roads to the stricken vehicle. Once on scene, our technician explained the full drain and flush process and let the client watch as he drained the wrong fuel from his beloved Jeep.

Once fully drained, the technician then flushed the fuel system and pulled fresh fuel through the diesel filter head to ensure there wasn’t any mixed fuel in the fuel filter. Then the once, dead Jeep roared into life, much to the owners relief! A little tidy up of pipes and a signature later and we were off on our way to our busy workshop for the day, leaving our now happy client to get on with his busy schedule.

If you put the wrong fuel in a Jeep Cherokee or any other vehicle, we are able to help! We are even able to help if you have driven the vehicle until it has stopped just like our client with his Jeep Cherokee. Help Wrong Fuel serve the whole of South Wales and Bristol for emergency fuel drain services. Help Wrong Fuel is ISO9001 accredited for quality assurance and is also PAS43 Certified and compliant recovery operator. Help Wrong Fuel is the ONLY FULLY Accredited mobile fuel company in South Wales! Dealing with our client care team is easy and we explain things in layman’s terms so you know exactly what is happening to your pride and joy.

Call Help Wrong Fuel Immediately if you put petrol in diesel or diesel in petrol anywhere in South Wales on 0333 666 8685  


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Anywhere in South Wales!