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Wrong Fuel in a Mercedes in Morriston Hospitalwrong fuel in a mercedes

Our client had put the wrong fuel in a Mercedes and driven to Morriston Hospital in Swansea. He had driven the vehicle until it stopped and would not start again after parking in the hospital car park. We were called and attended in 20 minutes. The vehicle was emptied of the offending unleaded in the diesel tank, fuel lines were then cleaned out using our specialist additive which was drawn through the fuel lines to remove contamination then the high pressure pump to re-lubricate the moving parts and remove the petrol solvent.

If you have filled your car with the wrong fuel and driven it until it stops then we can definitely help! We don’t just drain fuel in fuel stations and at peoples home, we safely drain fuel in car parks, on the side of the road and even at schools and supermarkets! Wherever your vehicle decides to break down, we’ll be there to help you out and get the wrong fuel out of your vehicle and get you started again with no ongoing issues. We are a  TEC4 service centre and we supply diesel and petrol system additives to fix your misfuel issue and protect and clean your intricate fuel injection system.

All our technicians are fully qualified mechanics and fully CRB checked for your protection. We are fully authorised and accredited by the RAC, AA and Trading Standards. If you have put wrong fuel in a Mercedes or any other vehicle for that matter, call the experts Help Wrong Fuel South Wales most professional accredited mobile fuel drain company.

Help Wrong Fuel are ISO9001 & a PAS43 Certified Recovery Company.

Call us immediately if you have put petrol in a diesel Mercedes or any other vehicle on 0333 666 8685 Help Wrong Fuel.



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