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Wrong Fuel in Gorseinon Swansea South Wales

One of todays fuel drains was a wrong fuel in Gorseinon Swansea. A driver of a diesel Nissan Qashai filled with unleaded petrol instead of the diesel he should have filled with! A quick call to Help Wrong Fuel and our expert fuel Technician was on his way to help the distressed Nissan driver. As we arrived on scene, the vehicles owner was visibly distressed and in an obvious rush as he was late for a meeting when he accidentally filled his vehicle with the wrong fuel.

Wrong Fuel in Gorseinon

Swansea Fuel patrol attending a Wrong Fuel in Gorseinon

Our fuel tech knew exactly what to do to speed things up for the driver and quickly popped the bonnet. He hooked up our powerful ATEX fuel pump to the fuel filter feed from the diesel tank and started the pump. He then inserted our scavenger pipe down the filler neck of the Nissan and hooked up a second ATEX fuel pump to suck the fuel directly out the tank at the same time. This Nissan Qashqai went from full of unleaded petrol to completely empty in just over 5 minutes! Our Technician then drove the vehicle on to the pump and filled with 50L of diesel and started the car for the client. All in all, the total repair and starting of the vehicle took little over 10 minutes, added to the 15 minutes our patrol took to arrive at the scene, meant this driver not only made his meeting, but had time to leave us a 5* rating after his fuel drain on Trustpilot whilst he drain the coffee he had bought whilst waiting for us to arrive!

If you have wrong fuel in Gorseinon Swansea or anywhere in South Wales then call the expert fuel drain company who not only operate in Swansea but are Swansea based! Help Wrong Fuel are misfuel professionals. We are ISO9001 Accredited and Compliant, we are also a PAS43 Compliant and Certified Recovery Operator.

Call us immediately if you have been unfortunate enough to mistakenly put petrol in a diesel fuel tank anywhere in South Wales on 0333 666 8685  



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