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Wrong Fuel in VW Golf Swanseawrong fuel in vw golf

Have you put the wrong fuel in VW Golf? We are South Wales based and can get to anywhere in South Wales within 40 minutes of your call! Help Wrong Fuel are  Wrong fuel in VW Golf Specialists. We were called out to this VW Golf which had been filled with petrol in Swansea today. We arrived within 20 minutes of the call and the vehicle was repaired and running again in 10 minutes.

Help Wrong Fuel can perform fuel drain and wrong fuel recovery for any type of vehicle within minutes of your misfuel problem. We have specialist drain equipment which is fully ATEX compliant and we are fully accredited mobile fuel drain specialists based in South Wales. We offer fuel drain services for anyone who may put the wrong fuel in their vehicle.

If you have put the wrong fuel in VW Golf in Swansea (or anywhere else in South Wales or Bristol) give us a call now! We will have you going again within minutes! We are proud to be the most professional and the most accredited mobile fuel drain company in South Wales! We are AA, RAC and Trading Standards Approved and recommended, We are also ISO9001 and a full PAS43 Registered Fuel Recovery Company.

If you put wrong fuel in VW Golf (or any other vehicle) then call us immediately for FREE advice by FULLY QUALIFIED Mechanics on 0333 666 8685. We have a no-fix no charge guarantee and we also offer a full after the event back up from our fully approved and authorised workshop based in Swansea. We have helped hundreds of VW owners who have put the wrong fuel in their vehicles, so call us now to find out how we can help you!

Help Wrong Fuel are proud to be South Wales’s most professional mobile fuel drain company and we are SPA Misfuel Accredited and registered with the Environment Agency for the safe disposal of mixed fuels. We are also FULLY insured for the recovery of mixed fuel at the roadside.



Current Waiting Time

40 Minutes

Anywhere in South Wales!