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petrol in diesel neathWrong Fuel? Petrol in Diesel Neath Fuel Drain Specialists

Petrol in Diesel Neath. Client Fixed in 40 Minutes and on their way! Read the story below for more information.

We were called out to Neath in South Wales to drain a car that had Petrol in Diesel. The client was very upset and worried about the repercussions of filling with the wrong fuel. They had just filled up at Mile End Service Station with the wrong fuel. We made sure they were relaxed and told them not to worry, we would sort our their issue. Within 20 minutes we were on scene and the client was very relieved to see us! They explained that they had been hiring another vehicle as their car had been in the garage for a lot of work. So they had only just paid £1200 on repairs! As their car is diesel and the hire car was petrol, they had forgotten and put the wrong fuel in the car.

We explained that they had only driven a short distance on mixed fuel and they should not worry too much, but to be on the safe side we would also include a diesel system cleaner for them to replace the lubrication in the high pressure diesel pump and to stop any damage with immediate effect. This relaxed our client and we started to drain the vehicle.

The client was very impressed that it only took 15 minutes to completely drain their vehicle and just a further 10 few minutes to fill up and start the car again! We explained that with the very latest equipment this was easy and confirmed that there was no ongoing damage to their high pressure pump and diesel system. Help Wrong Fuel are fully approved and can have you fixed at the roadside in no time at all. Call us to fix your fuel contamination issues fast!

Call Your Petrol in Diesel Neath Specialist Now!

Have you put Petrol in Diesel or visa versa? We can get you drained and back on the road again within 40 minutes anywhere in South Wales. If you have petrol in diesel then call us today on 0333 666 8685 and we will be with you within minutes and drained very quickly!

We are fully registered with SPA and we are RAC Approved Repairers in South Wales. We will not be beaten on price and customer service! Petrol in Diesel Neath Fuel Drain Specialists will be with you in minutes and have you on the road again!


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40 Minutes

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