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Wrong Fuel Pontarddulais (Petrol in Diesel)

IF you have put the wrong fuel in your vehicle in Pontarddulais we can help! Just call 0333 666 8685 now! We will do the rest. Wrong Fuel Pontarddulais fuel drain specialist company based in Swansea and serving Pontarddulais and Hendy for emergency fuel drain recovery.

wrong fuel pontarddulais

Have you put petrol in diesel in Pontarddulais? Read Mrs Hoskin’s story below!

Mrs Hoskins filled her Mercedes ML with the wrong fuel in Pontarddulais. When we arrived the car would not start as she had driven it some 30 miles with petrol in diesel!

We spoke to her regarding her problem and reassured her that we would put the problem right in a few minutes. We had her going again in 35 minutes and she was very thankful. We explained that putting petrol in a diesel Mercedes could damage the high pressure pump if driven for too long and that we should put an additive in to protect the pump. Mrs Hoskins was overwhelmed when we started her car first time with no issues. We even reset her service indicator for her as the garage who serviced it the week before could not do it.

Its safe to say we have now made yet another happy customer who will call us if she puts the wrong fuel in her car again. IF you have wrong fuel in your car in Pontarddulais then call us for a 40 minute response. We can come to the Shell station or the Tescos fuel station and have you going again in minutes! We are Swansea based and part of the RAC Garage Network. We are fully SPA Accredited and also PAS43 and ISO9001 Certified. We are also registered with the Environmental Agency for handling and disposal of waste fuels.

We cover the whole of South Wales for petrol in diesel or visa-versa. We can drain anything from a Jumbo Jet to a moped! Give us a call today on 0333 666 8685 for your LOCAL fuel drain specialist!




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Current Waiting Time

40 Minutes

Anywhere in South Wales!