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Wrong Fuel Pontypridd Esso РPetrol in Diesel Pontypridd Esso Fuel Station Wrong Fuel Pontypridd

Have you put wrong fuel Pontypridd Esso Station? We are regularly called out to for petrol in diesel Pontypridd Esso fuel station. We were there again today! This poor Kia Ceed should have had diesel in its tank but the absent minded driver had put unleaded petrol in instead. The driver called the fuel drain experts, Help Wrong Fuel to get them out of their sticky situation.

Help Wrong Fuel attended the scene within 35 minutes, and had the incorrect fuel drained from the diesel tank in a further 20 minutes and they were off on their way! Our new client was very pleased that they could track the fuel patrol whilst waiting for them to arrive and even more happier to know that there were no extra hidden costs! When you call Help Wrong Fuel drain specialists you get a friendly, professional service! All our fuel drain recovery services are on a no-fix no-charge basis!

If you put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, its good to know the company you call to drain your vehicle are fully trained, insured and accredited to perform your fuel drain service. We are RAC, AA & Trading Standards approved! Help Wrong Fuel are ISO9001 and a PAS43 Certified and Compliant Recovery Operator. When you call Help Wrong Fuel, you get a fully trained SPA MISFUEL certified technician to perform your fuel drain who is also a fully trained vehicle mechanic with many years experience.

Serving the whole of South Wales from Fishguard to Bristol (inclusive), Help Wrong Fuel will be there to help you with your fuel drain issue. We have several fuel drain patrols up and down the M4, our average ETA is 40 mins anywhere in South Wales (60 Minutes in Bristol).

If you put the wrong fuel Pontypridd, Call Immediately for expert fuel drain services on 0333 666 8685 24 hours a day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year!


Current Waiting Time

40 Minutes

Anywhere in South Wales!